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from our notebooks, sketchpads, diaries - here you can follow our works in progress, see what we have been up to, share in our opinions, our expressions, our inner most thoughts; all displayed publically, left open for your perusal. A Journal of our occurrences. ...just don't forget to let us know what you think.

Written by Erin Norman on Tuesday the 8th of June 2010

I can do many things magnificently, and I am utterly hopeless at many more. My mind can shuffle through ideas like a pack of cards, and deal them out in a pattern of coherent words, but I cannot plan and execute a meal beyond toast. I can follow instructions and build a five foot tall 1/12 scale dolls house, but I cannot manage public transportation without constant guidance. I can put people at ease and be merry, I can be a leader, I can be a follower, I can bake like the Sugar Plum Fairy and I have a freakish memory for phrases and conversations; ask me what I did yesterday or where my electric meter is located and you'll... read more

Written by Lazy Gramophone on Saturday the 8th of May 2010

Will Conway has been a part of Lazy Gramophone for a number of years now. He was a contributor to The Book of Apertures and has performed at many of our live events . We are currently working on his first solo publication, a book of short stories entitled, Will Conway, Tastes of Ink. This coming Sunday (9th May) he will be performing at our newest live event, the Lazy Sunday . Lazy Gramophone (LG): Okay, so let us start with a few simple questions that will help give our readers an idea of your most recent cultural experiences: What are you reading at the moment? Will Conway... read more

Written by Danny on Tuesday the 20th of April 2010

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED Thanks for all your entries. Look out for our next competition coming soon. --- Lazy Gramophone Press is running a competition to find a writer and an illustrator to contribute to our next quasi-quarterly collection of illustrated short stories and verse. Back in 2007/08 we released four such booklets to great acclaim. With the sun in our eyes and warmth in our hearts (not whiskey warmth but pre-summer warmth) we are bringing the series back to life. So. Our next booklet has the theme of "Skeletons in the Closet". This booklet will contain six short stories each accompanied by an illustration.... read more

Written by Danny on Thursday the 15th of April 2010

Last June The ICA and charity project Love in the Sky commissioned a selection of leading artists to work together in small groups to capture the essence of love through collaborative work. Two Lazy Gramophone artists Matt Black and Dan Prescott joined forces with Ned Conran, Liz Dalton and Bruno Maag and created some fantastic pieces pictured above and below. Other artists included Goldie, Max Lowry, Petroc Sesti, Sara Shamsavari and Zak Waters. All the finished pieces were displayed for auction at London's ICA in June 2009. See below for a video of the event and more of what Love in the Sky do.... read more

Written by Danny on Sunday the 4th of April 2010

The voracious wordsmith Guy J Jackson and jazz pianist David Finch have joined forces to create a live album of Guy's classic hypereal storytelling soundtracked to a synth jazz score. Available to purchase as a download from DiGSTATION .... read more

Written by Mr Conway on Friday the 2nd of April 2010

It's a tough neighbourhood where I live in East London. If you're walking down the street you could actually be killed just because you don't look right. Still, crossing the road's the same wherever you go I suppose.... read more

Written by Will Conway on Thursday the 1st of April 2010

My shoes squeak as I turn on my toes and step up to the urinal. The cleaner has clearly visited recently as it smells, not exactly fresh but chemically lemony. I unzip and as I look into the bowl I see that there are fresh 'mints' in there. Instead of the usual two pale, sickly mini hockey pucks there are three bright new yellow spheres. "Hey, three balls!” I say for no reason other than to show myself that I pay attention to these minor details when no-one else does. I instantly realise what I've said and how it could be taken. Mark from marketing emerges from a stall and passes me in the corner of my vision. "Not mine,” I utter... read more

Written by Tom Harris on Wednesday the 24th of March 2010

Just a little note to say ' Poetry In (e)Motion ' by Scroobius Pip is now available and contains a little contribution from little old me just inside the back cover. It's not available here but it is at all the usual outlets. You may have the rest of your day now.... read more

Written by Kevin Pocock on Tuesday the 9th of March 2010

See what we need to do is focus just occasionally, and see what happens. We can recall all of the lessons we've ever had about being constructive. Perhaps we should bring back, from the depths of our dank memories, those classes at school. Not the really boring ones. Just the ones that we hated less than the others. Just the ones where we enjoyed - even a little bit - finishing an essay, completing laps, making circuits or correctly working out a formula. Because in time, not doing anything, not producing, fills our time with distraction. And we don't really want that. Distractions can be fun, sure, and occasionally necessary, but a life... read more

Written by Sam on Monday the 1st of February 2010

A collection of sketches: simple and honest, these poems seek to placate experience and depict the eternity beyond our landscape. Written by Sam Rawlings, and with illustrations by Dan Prescott, Circle Time is an exploration into the nature of human experience. It focuses upon the way our emotional lives spiral as we grow older, the ways in which the echoes of our past are carried through time. An Introduction to Circle Time To me, poetry is representative of mystery, magic, romance, discovery; for in writing poetry, I often find that I am attempting to describe things for which there are currently no... read more

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