Eliza Gregory

Vocal contortions & poeting

Beverley-born musician and writer Eliza Gregory divides her time between Yorkshire and London.

Fresh from school in York, she migrated south and cut her teeth as a musician in UK underground bands. As a self-taught songwriter, Eliza wrote several albums-worth of lyrics and instrumentation with a variety of different players, before entering education at CONTED and Ruskin Colleges, Oxford, and later, Goldsmiths College, London, to study literature with a focus on poetry.

Eliza continues to compose, record and perform music with a knowledge of several instruments in accompaniment to being a vocalist, including; bass, guitar, piano and a great interest in classical instruments, especially strings.

Her preoccupation with language leads her to practice an interdisciplinary approach to poetry, with several published works in circulation, plus an ongoing intrigue in developing installation pieces and bookart.

Photo by Andrew Gale